Tobin’s Tale

A point & throw adventure game

What do you get if you start a game jam, and throw a post-it note at a kettle?

A ‘point & throw’ adventure game it turns out!

During Ludum Dare 41 I came up with this quirky spin on point & click adventure games (which as we all know are the best games ever made). I loved it so much I thought, hey, why not keep going with it and so Tobin’s Tale was born.

Meet Tobin

100% fox, 100% thief, 75% apple (depending how many he’s eaten).

Tobin is a carefree, quick thinking, quick talking, and cunning thief who has always had a unique way of getting by in the world; he likes to throw words around. Literally!

At the start of the game he’s very much up for grabbing riches for his own benefit, but as time goes on Tobin will come to realise the true power that words can have on the world around you.

Common Questions

What engine are you using?

Unity. I did the game jam entry in Unity so it felt natural to just keep going with it. I use Unreal during the day at work and that’s also fantastic. I think the trick is to not get hung up on engine choices, you can make wonderful games in them all.

A year later and no game, what gives?

Yeah games! Why do you take so long to make? Huh?!

It’s true I hoped to magic up a demo in 2019 however with a job during the day it just turned out that even though I threw all my free time at making it it wasn’t enough. Also when the idea went a bit crazy on Twitter it was just a tech demo, characters like Tobin didn’t even exist at the time so there has been a lot of design to do!

Plus, since Tobin came on the scene, well, I suddenly care about the idea even more. I want to get it right. For him.

Can I help out with the making of the game?

Maybe! Originally I thought I’d do everything like somesort of six armed indie superbeing but what with working full time I’ve come to realise that might have been too ambitious. I’m slowly warming to the idea of commissioning people to help out. Particulary at this time I’m interested in talking about music and pixel art.

concept Art

Since hanging around on Twitter I’ve been very fortunate to discover some wonderful artists. The above images are credited to @ArtOfErin & @WaltJan