LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (Handheld)

To say I’ve always been a bit of a Monkey Island fan is an understatement. I have many leather jackets. Which is why I was incredibly happy to work on LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean.

Above, by the magic of YouTube, is one of the levels I designed and built. Out of all the ones I did on the game this one is my favourite for a couple of reasons:

  • It mixes up the standard gameplay with lots of little bespoke mini-games and moments. Result? The level doesn’t get boring and feels interesting and varied.
  • The lighting and size of the areas is really warm and cosy. It isn’t sparse.
  • You get to drive a little pirate boat.
  • The level has two really clear and tight objectives; gather up the Pirate Lords and then get the Pirate Codex.
  • The ending sequence where the book drops on Jack is classic LEGO humour. It was great to get that into the level itself, and not just rely on a cutscene to deliver it.
  • All my scripting was commented to such levels an alien could read it and understand what was going on.


Ok I lied. More than a couple.


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