Forever Quest

Did you ever watch Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and think, “Man. Only 9 hours? Amateur.”? Nope. Neither did I. Fantastic movies all the way through. But instead of The Fellowship having to wade through swamps, climb up over mountains, and face down a big squid, what if the path to Mordor had been more of a…straightforward, rightwards, jumping, platforming like affair…


With enough collectable gold to make FIFTY one rings…


And enough cake to feed the whole of Hobbiton…


Forever Quest was a game I helped design and make as part of Jagex’s internal R&D, Workshop, team. The idea was inspired by endless runner games like Punch Quest but with a question of ‘could we ‘RPG-ify’ this sort of genre’? That led to an idea of a party of characters instead of just one, each bringing a unique passive ability into the mix to change up platforming progression.

As well as contributing a lot of level, meta design, and artwork (yeah, I can do pixels) The game was released onto Google Play which we used as an opportunity to get some hands on experience with content control platforms. In this case anyone could log into a website and rebalance the game without an update being pushed to everyone’s devices.

Dark magic if you ask me.