Flambe Boulevard

We’re talking TOAST and getting some game flavoured JAM on that…ok. Not sure where to take that statement, only that here are the facts:

  • This game was made as part of a game JAM
  • As you can see in the image above there is lots of bread, and fire, which means TOAST

You get me? Those two facts definitely can come together in some, amazing double-pun bridging way.

Any suggestions send me a DM.

Flame Boulevard was a game a few of us made internally for a studio game jam which spanned a weekend. There were no guiding principles really dictated other than we wanted to do something silly, simple, and in 3D. Plus a few of the programmers wanted to put down their coding hands and do art for a change.

Now, important to note that you might be looking at that image above of fantastic kitchen chaos and thinking ‘that OVERLY looks like a certain other COOKING game Pete’. And you’d be right. But my little teaspoons, I’ll have you know we made this FPC (first person cooker) back in 2015.

It was fun. The idea was you were the hired chef at a dinner party and you start in this nice pristine kitchen.


Complete with the odd grenade in the fridge and you’d have to cook and deliver food while the environment becomes increasingly chaotic. The physics would invariably lead to a candle getting knocked over, or the gas hobs setting something alight until you turn around from pealing potatoes to see this:


There is crazy, desperate, joy in battling chaos and trying to keep everything under control especially when accompanied by the tones of smooth lounge jazz.