The Adventure Continues! (Dev Blog 2)


I know. You’ve been thinking “What has that Pete been up to? And was he ever actually real?” Well GOOD NEWS, I am indeed 100% real but just not 100% skilled at writing blog posts and updates.

Things have been going slower than I thought but at the same time that’s fine. I had no idea what it would be like to try and make this game and I only get perhaps 18’ish hours a week to work on it (and that’s on a good week when I’m not deleting everything).

I’m happy to take my time with this, and actually that’s a feeling that has gotten a lot stronger for reasons below. There’s no rush. There will never be any rush. I just want to make something nice. Like a cake, and you certainly wouldn’t want to rush one of those.

Anyway, SO, we’ve established I’m real. We’ve cleared that up, but what has been going on?

Let me take you on a little tour.

Content Content Content

This is how a lot of my scenes look at the moment. The ‘off white’ colour is very in.

I’m hoping if I say it three times and turn on the spot it’ll just magically appear.


Well, ok then. Guess I have to do it myself.

Since finishing things like the inventory and NPC systems I’ve started to focus on content. This includes a number of individual Unity scenes which you can think of screens from classic point & click games. For the demo I’m aiming for (hang on need to count)…6-7 scenes!

The reason the scenes look so plain is because until I’m happy with the puzzles and gameplay I want to keep them really easy to change. Once that’s more solid then I can start to add all the lovely coloured pixels that everyone likes so much.

Yeah. Look at those boxes. I bet you’re impressed.

On the left here we have DIAGRAMS. Don’t I give the most fun tours? Actually these diagrams are very important because they are the conversations with the various characters in the game.

There’s a lot of dialogue to write for the demo and in classic adventure game style you have a choice of what you can say to a character. Having all the different options visualised is a really handy way to see where different responses go.




Oh I also added some particles when the verbs disappear because particles make me happy.



Say hello to the main character of my game. Tobin.

When I started making this game I knew I wanted to give it a story full of characters much like the classic Lucasarts games I loved growing up. I spent a lot of time thinking what sort of character would fit well with the quirky mechanics.

A thief of course.

And that’s who Tobin is. He’s a sneaky, crafty fox thief who can quick talk his way out of situations. He probably REALLY likes apples as well.

Seeing him for the first time (thanks to a friend who is much better at sketching than I am!) really fills me with joy. I don’t know if writers ever feel like their characters take on an almost sentient-like quality in their minds, but that is how I feel about Tobin.

I don’t want to rush my game. I want to build it with respect for everything Tobin could be.

I hope this post finds you well. Until next time.

Best wishes,


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