Hey. I’m going to talk games at you.

Yes, I really am! With words, syllables, and everything.

Welcome to my website. Shoes off please. The HTML is brand new.

My name is Pete, and for the last 13 years I’ve been quietly working away in the UK games industry, like a construction worker who’s had all his tools replaced by foam lookalikes.

In that time I’ve been very good at concentrating on game projects in various studios, but in recent years I’ve felt a new urge. A growing desire. Perhaps akin to how a cat might feel atop a table, thinking they simply must knock something off.

Thankfully, my urge isn’t to ruin your homely possessions but it is to be more candid about my ambitions in the wonderful world of games, and to explore the culture of gaming in a more open setting.

It’s early days, but here is my current plan which I’m sure is 100% foolproof and I’ll always stick to:

  • Show the development of my current game project (Yes! I’m working on a game which is a sort of FPS meets point & click adventure thing.)
    • Show this by creating short videos, and blog posts which explore different topics.
  • Offer my opinion about game development issues across the world. Become more engaged.
  • Learn how to make the perfect Pavlova.
  • Promote my vision for how games can be a positive force in our world.

Perhaps you’ll join me on this adventure. Perhaps you won’t. Perhaps that glass vase on your table will have to meet an unfortunate end. Let’s see what happens.


11 thoughts on “Hey. I’m going to talk games at you.

  1. Hello there! I saw your latest game and I really liking it. It’s a new take on the Point&Click adventure genre which is really cool!
    If your looking for a composer for your game, let me know. But I’m not a typical one. If you’re looking for some interesting, original and fresh music, which sounds hand-made and not generic, I would be pleased to make the sound track for your game. I’m only working on 1-2 OSTs at a time to keep a high quality standard and I’m really flexible at pricing. Not looking for the big money, but for interesting projects to give some special music to, in a time when many game soundtracks tend to sound really similar.
    Best Wishes!


      1. Hello again, Temmy! I’ve reached out a couple times to that email to no avail, would I still be able to chat with you? (If not, totally understand, keep making kickass games😎)


      2. Hello Stephan,

        My apologies for being so impossible to reach. I’m like a celestial event where I only check my emails when certain planets are aligned. I’m going to get better at staying in contact and I’m more than happy to still answer any questions you might have. All the best – Pete

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